Adira Finance Sharia Won “The Islamic Finance Award 2015”

Adira Finance Sharia Won “The Islamic Finance Award 2015”
14 Sep 2015

Jakarta (7/9) – Karim Consulting Indonesia is a consultant agency which has specialization in the field of Islamic Economic and Finance that has been established since 2001. They positioned themselves as one of the best Shariah Compliance consultants in the world. Karim Consulting gives awards for the best sharia economic actors through an activity called The The Islamic Finance Award 2015.

Stepping into the 11th event, The Islamic Finance Award was held again by Karim Consulting on Monday, September 7, 2015. The event held in Soehana Hall The Energy Building, Jakarta, presented the awards to Adira Finance for the category of Islamic Multifinance. The award was proudly accepted by Mr. Sugianto as Head of the Sharia.

In the event, Adira Finance became the only non-bank financial institution that won the award. The assessment in determining the winner was the result of research based on the financial statements of the period of December 2013 and December 2014 as well as other financial data by assessing some factors such as: Financing Market Share Growth, Efficiency Level, Level of Cost-Effectiveness and Level of Profitability.

This award is a proof of success and achievement for the hard work of all parties for Adira Finance Sharia and adds to a long line of Adira Finance Sharia achievements as one of the best Islamic financial institutions in Indonesia.