Sharing Happiness In The Series of 25 Years Adira Finance Event

Sharing Happiness In The Series of 25 Years Adira Finance Event
26 Nov 2015

(Jakarta, 13/11) Right on November 13, 2015, Adira Finance has turned to its silver age. It’s been 25 years already that Adira Finance had grown and developed into one of the largest finance company in Indonesia. 25 years is a short time to develop, not an easy business to be the best also, therefore, to be grateful for what has been achieved, Adira Finance held a series of events which was held throughout the business network across Indonesia.

Starting from the blood donor event held simultaneously on November 12, 2015 in the Head Office and 9 Area, and on the anniversary of Adira Finance it’s celebrated together with the Orphans throughout Indonesia simultaneously throughout the Adira Finance branches by inviting and providing assistance to the Orphans who were represented by 25 children in each branch. Not only that, Adira Finance was also providing donations that was intended to help the school fees of the orphans through the Friends of Adira’s Smiles program, where in this program people collected photos of smiles which were uploaded by entire Indonesian society by providing hash tag #senyumsahabatadira. Every photograph was priced at IDR 2500. Until now we have been successfully collected 36,000 photos. This exceeded Adira Finance’s target of 25,000 photos. All the proceeds from this program will be distributed to 9 Adira Finance areas to be distributed to the Orphans who need tuition assistance.

In the 25-year anniversary celebration of Adira Finance, we also gave 10,000 balloons to the customers who conducted transactions in the branch office, as a positive symbol of Adira Finance that will continue to give joy and happiness to the companions. Not only that, as an appreciation of Adira Finance to its employees and their families, it’s held Family Color Fun Walk, a healthy walk with Gardira and family that was being held lively in the Car Free Day on Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Jakarta. It was attended by the BOD of Adira Finance, Head Office and branches Gardira in Jakarta area, as well as the participation of employees of Bank Danamon and Adira Insurance.

Happy birthday Adira Finance, hopefully Adira Finance can always provide benefits to Indonesian people, not only at the age of 25 years, but continues to provide sustainable benefits to all Gardira, customers, business partners and society in general.Berbagi-Kebahagiaan-Dalam-Rangkaian-Acara-25-Tahun-Adira-Finance