Sustainable Performance of Business Partners

Intense competition in business realm cannot be avoided anymore. In the process of business operation, the company has to establish the cooperation with various business partners to win the business competition. Likewise with Adira Finance, this multi-finance company engaged in motorcycle and car financing needs to establish the cooperation with its various partners, such as dealer that has been an integral part of Adira Finance business. To maintain the relationship between Adira Finance and its partners, Creating Shared Value (CSV) program of Adira Finance conducts dealer training as a real contribution to achieve common welfare for both business partners and Adira finance.

Training Program of Second Motorcycle Dealer

Adira Finance wants o give additional value to a dealer by increasing their productivity so that they can continuously developed. By the implementation of this program, it is expected that Adira Finance can “Create shared value for the sustainable company and Indonesian society’s welfare” and always becomes “Eternal Loyal Companion” for its all business partners.

Adira Finance performs CSV for second motorcycle dealer in the form of training program. This program is considered important since the number of second motorcycle dealers which have been Adira Finance’s partners are more than 3.800 dealers with the selling contribution more than 25% of the Adira Finance total selling.

Adira conducts CSV program in the form of training to the second motorcycle dealers in the Jabodetabekser area followed by 22 second motorcycle dealers. In the implementation of dealer training, the materials given are: knowledge of business management, the understanding of business potency, the knowledge of bookkeeping, and marketing tricks. Second Motorcycle Dealer Program consists of five stages, namely recruitment, baseline survey, workshop, and mentoring. The participants of the program joined workshop held for 2 days in Adira Training Center (ATC). Afterwards, the business development of the participants is coached and monitored for 3 months.