Sustainable Employee Performance

Synergy with the Stakeholders

Adira Finance is morally bound to provide contribution to the Indonesian society, especially the stakeholders. Mutual communication becomes an absolute requirement in creating a good relationship between the Company and the stakeholders.

Relationship of Mutual benefits

Adira Finance appreciates all feedbacks gained from the stakeholders. The feedbacks can motivate Company’s sustainable performances. All feedbacks are truly needed to maximize the performance, the quality of company products and services, which in turn will contribute to the stakeholders’ welfare.

The Company always evaluate mapping annually by an identification based on the represented groups and media interactions. The mapping of stakeholders is also based on a range of influence and importance to the business sustainability.

Adira Finance maintains the synergy with the stakeholders in order to run maximally. Adira Finance provides special places to communicate with each stakeholder. Participatory communication and interaction are conducted by either conventional or electronic publication, dialog, survey and feedback, as well as other various mechanisms.

Our Stakeholders

Stakeholders [G4-24] Engagement Strategy [G4-26] Interaction Frequency
Stakeholders and investors
  • RUPS
  • Quarterly and Annual Financial Statement
  • Public Exposure
Once a Year Quarterly Annual
  • Performance Assessment
  • Regular Dialog / Meeting with the Management (Town hall meeting)
  • Publication
Every Six Months
Business Colleagues
  • Joint Evaluation in cooperation agreement
Financial Services of Government / Authority
  • Reporting Governance
  • Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements
Quarterly and Annual
  • Adira CAREMembership
  • Customers Satisfaction Survey
Once a year Continuity
  • CSR Program
  • Interaction in Adira Faces of Indonesia
  • Publication