Society Sustainable Performance

Benefits for Wider Society

As a dominant finance company in Indonesia, Adira Finance always strive to improve its performance and reputation by considering the effects to the stakeholders such as society.

Adira Finance realizes that its business activities have significant impacts, not only for the company and the investors, but also for all stakeholders. The company always does several things as a sustainable guarantee in reducing the negative impacts and maximizing the positive impacts specifically in social, economics, and environment.

However, to gain those goals, especially in giving benefits to the society, the company needs to develop an harmonious relationship through good and intensive interactions with the entire stakeholders. Thus, there will be a mutual understanding of a problem faced related to the Company’s activities, either in economics, society, or environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the Company’s contributions to sustainable society’s lives, either in society, economics, or environment. The implementation of a good CSR program will affect the stakeholders’ welfare, especially the people around the company.
During 2014, Adira Finance has distributed a wide range of social investments, with the aim to help improve the society’s lives, either conditionally such as disaster relief or long-term investment such as a support to Micro, Small, and Medium Business (SME).

Adira Care

Natural disasters that repeatedly occurred in Indonesia mainly in 2014 have caused a lot of destruction in a number of regions. Flood in DKI Jakarta, West Java, North Sumatera and other regions have also ruined the infrastructures facilities and areas. Earthquakes, landslide, and volcanic eruption in several regions have also contributed to the facilities damage owned by the society, as well as caused mani victims, either injured or death.

As a company that has many networks spreading throughout the archipelagos, Adira Finance responsively, quickly and actively provides favors to the victims of the disasters. Based on a feeling of sympathy to the victims, the company actively distributed direct aids given to the society, Adira Finance’s employees, and the victims’ families in those catastrophes. The aids are in the form of food, clothes, and other necessities, that can be used directly by the victims.


There are numbers of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities conducted by the company this time, such as Peduli Bencana (Disaster Concern), Go Green, Peduli Sesama (Social Concern), and the etcetera. Yet for Increso, the activities done are not merely CSR activity. Our main purpose is giving aids for those, our brothers and sisters of the lower class society who suffer from ill. Those are who hardly fulfill their financials but still have to afford the medical cost due to illness.

Different from the other companies’ programs that are global and general, Increso focuses more on one type of aids, medical treatment. The target is lower class society and very poor. The aids given are the cost of medical treatment such as the cost of operation, check up, medicines, etc.
Increso has been established since 5 years ago, in 29 October 2006. With a motto We Care and We Share, Increso comes for the poor. Increso is managed by the human resources who are expert in their realm. Many data patients enter our database every day, but to determine the aids given, the patient has to follow several processes first, like survey. It is done in order to distribute the aid to whom really need it.

One way to distribute the aid is through charity activities like public services. In this activity, the lower class society can directly come to obtain the medical treatment aids, either the check up fee or medicines free, without any charges.

Besides the patients, the social services are also expected to be able to attract the donors. The donations can be in the form of money, energy, medicines, medical treatment facilities, or hospital facilities. They can truly helpful and reduce the burden of our sisters or brothers.
Now adays, Increso is widespread in the entire PT. Adira Finance branch office, in the hope that Increso can appear to help those who need help.

Blood Donor

Recently, the need of bood in Indonesia is continuously increasing. On the other hand, the blood supplies in Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) are limited because the number of donors in Indonesia is still low. The lack of donors is caused by some factors, one of which is notions that blood donation is a source of disease transmission, that it will cause low blood pressure, and etcetera. This limitation causes the patients’ family has to collect their own donor for their family’s member who needs certain blood. It is of course difficult for the society. The society has not understood yet that blood donation is not only benefit for those who need it, but also good for the donor.

Considering the lack of blood donation in Indonesia, thus the Company conduct blood donation activity routinely in cooperate with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI). In this year, blood donation is done nationally in 13 November 2014 to coincide with the 24th anniversary of Adira Finance and successfully collect more that 1.300 units of blood.

Campaign Program Jakarta Car Sharing

The traffic problem in some big cities especially in DKI Jakarta cannot be avoided anymore. The traffic problems that are often occurred are high level of accident, pollution, traffic congestion.

Seeing that phenomenon, Adira Finance with Global FM make an iniciative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity through a campaign program “Jakarta Car Sharing”. The program Jakarta Car Sharing becomes an awareness of Adira Finance and Global FM to the road problems by inviting the societies and communities to actively contribute in leaving and returning home together from the their home to their workplaces around Jabodetabekser.

In realizing the program, the campaign is implemented through social media @JKTCarSharing and radio Global FM. During the program, it was recorded that more than 50 groups are enrolled. It is expected with the campaign Jakarta Car Sharing, more and more people are encourage to share benefits in the car sharing activity to reduce the traffic congestion effects.

Educational Program of Adira Finance

Vocational high school or better known as SMK is teaching and learning place for students where the graduates equipped with a certain skill to fill jobs or create jobs.

Adira Finance cooperate with Department of Education DKI Jakarta held Adira class program, in which the students are trained to get skill about finance industry so that they are able and ready to enter the industry of finance services. With the opening Adira class, this program is a real contribution of Adira Finance for the society in general and especially educational realm. This Adira class program is followed by the students of SMKN XI and XII grade in 5 SMKN in DKI Jakarta, namely SMKN 16, SMKN 17, SMKN 23, SMKN 47, and SMKN 48.

After joining the program, it is expected to be able to improve the SMKN students’ competencies and to help the provincial government of DKI Jakarta in improving the absorption of SMKN students in the world of work. With this program, Adira Finance tries to reach its vision to create shared value for the sake of company continuity and the Indonesian societies’ welfare.

Becoming an Integral Part

The independent society, mainly in economics, becomes one of an important requirement of company continuity. The independent society can be created in the society when they get full support either in facilities or significant accesses that are able to support the continuity of small and medium businesses, of which become a vanguard of economic security in society.

Creating Shared Value (CSV) conducted by the company focuses on supporting activities of business finance and trainings for the Micro, Small, and Medium business (SME) doers. For Adira Finance, Business Partnerships can create efficient and synergetic source owned by each party.
Partnerships can strengthen a market mechanism and effective and productive business competitions that it can reduce the tendency of monopoly or oligopoly. For SME, partnerships are clearly beneficial because they can take advantages from market, capital, technology, management and entrepreneurship owned by the big company. Big company can also take the advantages from business’ flexibility and agility.

A concept of Adira Finance partnership considers that small and medium business still needs many opportunities to optimize their existing abilities. Therefore, both Adira Finance and its business partners can mutually and fully contribute for their business’ continuity. It makes SME sectors cannot be underestimated.

Market Companion Program of Adira Finance

Market is a gathering place for traders or SME doers and where a selling and buying process done. The lack of knowledge about good finance and business management leads traders’ business in the market undeveloped. Besides, very few people who provide coaching and mentoring to develop the market traders.

This program takes place in 10 markets in Jabodetabek, such as Citeureup, Cileungsi market, Ciracas market, Cibubur market, Cijantung market, Sunday Market, Kranggan market, Jatiasih market, Agung depok merket, and Citayam market.

Market Companion Program of Adira Finance is a program to provide coaching and mentoring to the traders in the market. The traders are provided by the knowledge from how to increase the productivity to the business finance management. This program is expected to give and create additional value among the company and community in improving the social welfare for the market traders.