Consumer Sustainable Performance

Customer Training Program

Adira Finance’s responsibility to customers in an effort to provide a favorable and friendly experience to stakeholders’ interests can be realized through the implementation of customer training program. Adira provides a customer training program that has business areas in Jabodetabek.
This training is held for 3 months in several stages, such as: participants’ determination, training, and mentoring. Then the participants will be monitored to see their business development. In the implementation of customer training, the materials given are knowledge of business management, understanding of business potencies, knowledge of bookkeeping, and marketing tricks.

Mudik Bareng (Going Home with) Adira 2014

As a part of Indonesian society that adhere the religious principles, this company also actively develops religious activities, either in a work place or in the surrounding of company’s business network location. In the religious field, the company has contributed to the provision of religious facilities, the repairing and building of worship place and their supporting equipments.

In order to celebrate Idul Fitri 1434 H, in which mudik or going to the home town has been a tradition for most Indonesian, the transportation then becomes a main problem faced by the society in general and specifically Adira Finance’s customers. Public transportation is hard to get with affordable price, so it forces the returnees to use their own vehicles like cars or motorcycles. To provide services to Adira Finance’s loyal consumers and to help the government reduce a high traffic load as an effect of the private vehicles users to go home town, then in 2014 the Company held an event “Mudik Bareng” on 25 July 2014. In this occasion, in the neighborhood of 500 returnees are departed using 10 buses with the last destination in Yogyakarta and Semarang.