Danamon Syariah, Adira Finance, and Adira Insurance Held Iftar with Media

Danamon Syariah, Adira Finance, and Adira Insurance Held Iftar with Media
03 Jul 2015

Jakarta, June 19, 2014. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon), PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk (Adira Finance) and PT Asuransi Adira Dinamika (Adira Insurance) held Iftar with the media and at the same time explained the latest information on their development of sharia business unit, where on the same occasion Danamon Syariah launched its newest product namely Tabungan Bisa Umrah iB (Savings for Umrah iB). Presented on this Iftar were Sng Seow Wah (President Director of Danamon), Herry Hykmanto (Director of Danamon Syariah), Willy S. Dharma (President Director of Adira Finance), Indra Baruna (President Director of Adira Insurance) and Sharia Supervisory Board from Danamon, Adira Finance and Adira Insurance.

In this Iftar with media event, Herry Hykmanto, Director of Danamon Syariah, also handed Umrah packages of Rp. 135 million to the Hafiz Quran that will be distributed through institutions collaborated with Danamon Syariah: Rumah Zakat, Al Azhar Peduli Umat, and Dompet Dhuafa. The fund for this Umrah packages came from qordhul hasan social fund of Danamon Syariah. Meanwhile, Adira Finance also gave donation as of Rp. 130 million for Nurul Falah Madrasah from Serang, Banten Province. On the same occasion, Adira Insurance also gave some donations in the form of bridge waqf in Garut through the Rumah Wakaf Indonesia, working capital donations for the persons with disabilities through Dompet Dhuafa, and scholarships to 100 students through the Rumah Zakat Indonesia.

“As one of the largest financial groups in Indonesia, Danamon, Adira Finance and Adira Insurance have an important role in the growth of the Indonesian economy and its community financial management through a comprehensive financial services starting from funding and financing to insurance. Through this event, we would like to thank the media partners who have been constantly supporting Danamon, Adira Finance and Adira Insurance, “said Herry Hykmanto, Director of Danamon Syariah.

In this event, Danamon Syariah launched their latest savings products, namely Tabungan Bisa Umrah iB (Savings for Umrah iB). This savings plan with a contract of Mudharabah (profit sharing) and Wadiah (deposit) is designed specifically for the preparation to go Umrah. Customers have the flexibility to determine the currency options when saving (available in Rupiah and US Dollar), the period of saving (from 6 months to 72 months), and the amount of monthly installment according to the needs, and the customers can also choose a travel agency of the Bank’s partners or their own travel agency choices. In addition, customers will be protected by a free life insurance up to Rp200 million (for Savings for Umrah iB in Rupiah), starting from saving time, the waiting period, going Umrah, to returning to the homeland.

“Danamon Syariah continues to show its business growth in line with the needs of the community and businesses for sharia financial services. We continue to innovate to deliver products and services such as this Savings for Umrah iB that provides financial management solutions to support the implementation of going Umrah. Simply by opening The Savings for Umrah iB, allocating a monthly fund regularly and choosing a travel agency, customers are able to go Umrah with ease and protected, InshaAllah, “added Herrera Hykmanto.

On this occasion, Adira Finance also explained the development of the performance of the Adira Sharia Finance Business Unit where throughout 2014, automobile financing based on sharia recorded a twofold growth after slowing in 2013, which was from Rp 672 billion in 2013 to Rp 2.4 trillion in 2014, in which over 80% is contributed by motorcycle financing. Whereas in 2015, Adira Sharia Finance Business Unit to the month of May 2015 has distributed new financing up to Rp 1.385 trillion or an increase of 110.70% compared to May 2014.

“The sharia finance which keeps growing shows the high society enthusiasm of the principle of sharia products. We support it by Adira Sharia Vaganza program which is an initiative of Adira Sharia Finance in collaboration with Adira Sharia Community (ASC) in organizing the event together such as Tabligh Akbar, Islamic exhibition and other events with the aim to tighten the relationship between Adira Finance and the Muslim community, “said Willy S. Dharma, President Director of Adira Finance.

Adira Finance distributed charity funds or social aid amounting to Rp 130,149,500 to MTs Nurul Falah Rego Padasuka, Petir, Banten for the construction of classrooms. From the survey that was conducted by a team of Adira Finance Sharia, this school has become the foundation of more than 500 students around Petir to get education either elementary, middle / junior and senior high school, however, it was not comparable to the availability of classrooms at the school. With this construction, it is expected to be a solution for the limitations of the classroom and make more conducive teaching and learning activities, so that students at MTs Nurul Falah can perform better in the future.

Moreover, Adira Insurance also presents the performance of sharia-based insurance that have been accounted for 6% from total gross written premium of Adira Insurance in 2014. While the total gross premium of sharia insurance in 2014 which is owned by Adira Insurance is around Rp 156 billion, which figures the increase of 10% from the previous year.

In this Ramadan, Adira Sharia Insurance also launched travel insurance for Dompet Dhuafa Travel pilgrims who perform Hajj and Umrah trip. Moreover, Adira Sharia Insurance also provides health protection in the form of Health Card for disadvantaged students who receive scholarships through Rumah Zakat Indonesia. Adira Sharia Insurance also provides protection against the risk of death due to an accident for members of Rumah Wakaf Indonesia in the form of last waqf donation that will be donated through Rumah Wakaf Indonesia.

“Through a variety of Sharia-based insurance products, we believe that people can find protection that meets their needs by sharia,” added Indra Baruna, President Director of Adira Insurance.

Adira Insurance itself also has some special homecoming programs in 2015 through a variety of distribution channels. The cooperation is made by Dompetku Indosat and XL provider in which Adira Insurance provides insurance products for the travelers. This product provides compensation for death and permanent total disability due to accident. However, for Indosat, there is extra protection in the form of compensation for a house fire that left at the time of the homecoming.

In addition, the Adira Insurance is also working with the market place www.rakuten.co.id and www.elevenia.co.id providing Proteku products with a guarantee in the form of compensation for death and total permanent disability due to accident for us and our partner. This product also provides protection against the assets of Customers including compensation against the risk of fire and home robbery and compensation for loss of car or motorcycle. Special for cooperation with www.elevenia.co.id, Adira Insurance also provides insurance products to travel with guarantee in the form of compensation for the accident on the way, medical expenses, and discomfort in travels through Travellin insurance products.

For customers who will be traveling in order to fill the Eid holiday season, there is also product of Travellin travel insurance. This products provides compensation accident on the way, medical expenses, and discomfort in both domestic and international trips. Travellin insurance can be accessed online through www.travellin.co.id.

As a form of corporate social responsibility, Adira Insurance also provides some social aids in this fasting month. Adira Insurance provides bridge waqf in Garut distributed through social institutions Rumah Wakaf Indonesia, donations in the form of working capital for persons with disabilities through Dompet Dhuafa, and scholarships for 100 students that were distributed through the Rumah Zakat Indonesia.