The Best 100 Dealers Appreciation Night

The Best 100 Dealers Appreciation Night
26 Nov 2015

(Jakarta, 20/11) Still in a series of 25-year anniversary celebration, Adira Finance gave appreciation to its business partners through the Best Contribution Dealer held at the National Museum in Jakarta on Friday, November 20, 2015. Awards were given to dealers who have the best contribution to Adira Finance.

Dealer partners are dealers who have been together with Adira Finance over the last 25 years and do the best sales. Consisting of new motorcycle dealer, used motorcycles, new cars to used cars. In total, there are 100 Dealer Partners which were invited to the event Best Contribution Dealer. This activity is different from the activities that have been done by Adira Finance before, where this time the whole Dealer Partners of various types of vehicles both motorcycles and cars, used and new ones come together in one event. “We’ve done any activities for appreciating the Dealer Partners. But only on this night we managed to unite and gather together with the dealers of various types of vehicles”, explains Mr. Hafid Hadeli as the Marketing Director of Adira Finance.

The event raised the theme of the Indonesian culture through theatrical dinner of Maharasa Indonesia which introduced the richness of Indonesian cuisine as well as live performances of Teater Koma. Not only the theme of Indonesian culture, in this event, Adira Finance also wants to bring smiles of friends and a warm atmosphere through a photo exhibition coming from Friends of Adira Smiles program, where in this exhibition, there were displayed hundreds of smile photographs uploaded by friends of Adira Finance.

This appreciation is expected to increase the closeness and friendships closely with Dealer Business Partners with all management of Adira Finance so that they can grow together to always be the best.