Mechanism of Reporting Charter System

Whistle Blower

To detection a infringment Code of Ethics and Company regulation and well so incompatible activities in Good Corporate Governance, Company have prepared a Whisle Blower system. This system is very effective to detect fraud or deception which happen in Company.

For each complain of fraud or deception, every parties can pronounce the complaint to the email Besides pronounce complaint to the website, every parties could be pronounce also by telefon, fax or a letter. Besides of it, the Board of Director and the Board of Commissioner also can accept the complaint in inverbal or with another telecommunication facilities about anything which tied with the activities of the Company, include the complaint of speculation for the fraud or deception which happens.

All the comes complaint will be analysis with infringement system controller, which next will be pronounce to tied division and will be reporting to Audit Committee and Risk Management Committee of the Company by period.

Todays, infringement system was control by Risk Management Directory, which especially has appointed a Senior Manager to do the control.

Compatible to the Company policy, the parties who reporting will pronounce the fraud or deception and his/her/its safety and private will be protected also. The identity of reporter will be known only by Senior Manager of infringement system controller and the Director of the Company.