Adira Finance’s offering “Untukmu Sahabat”

Adira Finance’s offering “Untukmu Sahabat”
14 Nov 2014

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Jakarta (13/11), in the last week it was held a drawing winner Companion for “Untukmu Sahabat” program at the Head Office of Adira Finance and attended by the Ministry of Social Affairs Department, notaries, police personnel and the management of Adira Finance. This customer program specifically made for the Good Customer has provided and opportunity for 700 loyal customers to be able to reach tens prizes of motor, gadget and travel abroad.

Today’s peak, at the same time as the 24th anniversary of Adira Finance, “Untukmu Sahabat” program is run in 202 branches in Adira Finance, by delivering gifts in forms of gadgets, travel package journey, and motorcycle as the grand prize, which was also held simultaneously in all Adira Finance branches throughout Indonesia.

Attended by Marwoto Soebiakno as the Vice President Director of Adira Finance, a special award presentation gifts for the areas is delivered to some lucky customers who won the tour package and one grand prize unit of motorcycle. “At the age of 24 this year, Adira hopes to be always becoming a choice for all people in Indonesia, both as a business partner and as a loyal friend forever in every cycle of life. Congratulations to the winners. Hopefully, this program can prove that Adira Finance does provide many advantages for its customers, “stated Marwoto Soebiakno as the Vice President Director of Adira Finance.