Adira Xtra Bonus 2015 Testimonial

Adira Xtra Bonus 2015 Testimonial
13 Jul 2015

Adira Finance X-tra Bonus

The Prizes Have Been Home

Thousands of Adira Finance’s friends have received prizes from Adira Finance X-Tra Bonus – Choose the Prize program. They mostly didn’t believe that the prizes are for them. This is the excitement that is always presented by Adira Finance for its customers.


For Indra Istiningrum, Pekayon Bekasi resident, winning a car is like a dream. She never thought that she was chosen as the winner. Moreover, it’s her first time to be Adira Finance customer. She has just started her car loan on May.

Bu Isti, as she’s called, just remembered that she intended to buy a car for the purposes of the foundation that manages neglected children. When being asked to choose the prize, she chose a car, not a motorcycle, Umrah, etc. “Apparently Allah answered my prayer,” said this middle-aged woman happily then said the car that has been sent to her home is going to be used for the purposes of foster children.


Excitement also belongs to Bekasi resident named Ahmad Supardi. Last May he swapped his used motorcycle with a new one by credit in Adira Finance. With the X-Tra Bonus prize, now there are two new motorcycles in his home. A sight that never existed before. The prize will be used by his wife to drive the kids and other purposes. “We’re happy. Now my wife doesn’t have to take public transportation anywhere, “he said, laughing.


In Depok, Marjuni, a private employee, also got so much fortune; she won the Umrah package. Marjuni said that she chose Umrah because she was intending to do a pilgrimage to the holy land. In addition, she was sure the car prize will have a lot of competitors. “It’s like a prayer that comes true, I am very grateful,” she said who will be leaving with the Adira Finance group to the holy land in February next year.


Tuti Winarti’s Eid this year will be different. Because the 20-gram gold was on her hand after being chosen as the winner of Adira Finance X-Tra Bonus – Choose the Prize. The woman who has had financing her vehicle in Adira Finance five times was coincidentally taking two motorcycles at the same time last May. “This is fun, the Eid comes and I win gold,” said a Cimanggis- Depok resident brightly.