Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Values

Creating Shared Values to advance prosperity

Providing a variety of financial solutions according to customers’ needs through synergy with the ecosystem

Nilai-Nilai Perusahaan
ADIRA TOP has become a consistent part of personal values of each employee at Adira Finance, as well as the culture that drives the Company’s business activities…

One step ahead and faster compared to other people in general or competitors; Having a clear and focused conception; and Capable of making quick and proper decisions in all circumstances.

Moving towards a better direction through the process of planning, implementation, oversight and continuous improvement; Way of thinking and behaving that is as perfect as possible; and Discipline in accordance to the organization norm.

Commitment along with consistent attitude; Trustworthy (honest and sincere); Able to maintain ethical business conduct; Strong sense of belonging; and Becoming a role model to other employees.

Having winner mentality, as reflected with a positive thinking and intelligent behavior; and Strong sense of responsibility in all matters.

Synergy; Willing to sacrifice for one another; and Never blame each other.

Working with an appropriate process and optimum result orientated; High motivation in the form of willingness to work that extra mile and being proactive; Skill sharpening; and Taking care of each other.


Customer orientated; Reliable leadership skills; and Possessing entrepreneurship, capable of calculating risk, being innovative and creative.